Show up
Just as I am
Nothing to hide
Open and vulnerable
Yet confident and strong
Who I am

I want more than ever to truly honor who I am, to be in integrity with what I value, and to find that sweet spot that lies somewhere between  openness and vulnerability and confidence and strength – that place where so much possibility opens. There are moments in any given day that I doubt myself, thinking my voice doesn’t matter or I don’t have what it takes or I need to follow someone else’s lead. Fortunately, there are also moments where I am deeply connected with who I am and what I want, moments when I am inspired and alive and able to act from a place of deep knowing that I have all that I need. This poem was an invitation to myself – years ago – to keep choosing that place of connection.

* I took this photo in San Agustinillo, Mexico in December 2017 of this lizard I named Madonna, because it kept striking poses. This one was on the palm tree on the patio overlooking the ocean where my  husband Jim and I were reading.

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