Red Barn In Snow


Red Barn in Snow

The red barn

standing amid fields of snow

offers hope


Seems appropriate to post this today, given the deep freeze here in Iowa. This poem came to me a few years back when I was returning from a date with my friend from high school, Peg. We had met at the I-80 Truck Stop – a location part way between our homes in Illinois and Iowa. It was a cold and gray day in February, and I was feeling challenged by dynamics at work. I remember seeing a red barn and how it lifted my spirits, and how then I began to notice the fields covered in snow stretching out endlessly, and how I began to feel lighter. A renewed sense of possibility overcame me.

May something as simple as a red barn inspire new possibility for you today.

* I took this photo from I-80 in Iowa on New Year’s Day 2018.

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    1. I love that this sweet little poem opened possibility for you, Erica! If you’d like to share your photo with me, I’d love to update my post with your photo and credit to you for capturing the beauty of a red barn in snow. Feel invited, not at all obligated. 🙂


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