Into the Light

San Agustinillo Sunrise4

Into the light

When a diagnosis spins our world out of control,
You are the balance that steadies us from the fall.

When we wait impatiently for answers to questions we don’t want to ask,
Your soothing voice calms and reassures us.

When decisions swirl around us as if we are drowning,
You are the air at the surface that helps us breathe.

When we are afraid and uncertain about what’s next,
You are the fortress protecting us from the storms ahead.

When the noise in our heads murmurs incessantly,
You are the quiet sanctuary where we find peace.

When we feel ourselves melting away,
You are the earth angels with outstretched arms holding us.

When the pain in our weary, tired bodies seems never ending,
You are the medicine that soothes our aches.

When we don’t have the strength to take another step,
You are the wind at our backs guiding us gently forward.

When the emotional wreckage is more than we can sift through,
You are the helping hand sweeping away our grief.

When life feels like a scorching desert wasteland,
You are the oasis filling our souls with nourishing waters.

You are the light, like a million stars in the sky,
guiding us as we walk through the darkest hours of night.

You are the blanket that wraps us when we awaken from the dream,
warming us to the possibility of the sun rising and golden light.

This poem is not in my book. However, I’m inspired to share it. I revisited it last week as I was thinking about two dear friends, one preparing for surgery to remove a large tumor and the other preparing to care for her. A variation of this poem was my first ‘on-demand’ poem – that is, the first time someone asked me to write a poem for a particular purpose (read more). Most of the time my poetry just flows from my heart and the feelings I experience. I’m learning that if I imagine myself as fully as I possibly can as the person or people I’m writing about, I can awaken similar feelings to those that naturally rise in myself.

I dedicate this post to all those who care deeply for others.

* I took the photo at San Agustinillo, Oaxaca, Mexico at sunrise.