Speaking to My Heart

jun2014vac 1532

Speaking to My Heart

The circle
with its open center
and soft edges
speaks to my heart
in whispers
of completeness.

Sometimes a vision, maybe a memory, invites me to let go of everything. That’s how this poem emerged. I saw a circle in my minds’ eye and noticed how I felt. Soothed.

There is something comforting to me about a circle – no hard edges, the boundary holding something precious inside, filled with possibility.

The sun and moon do this for me. How do you feel when you look at the sun or a full moon? Do you think there is something magical about them? I do. I’m drawn to them both. Maybe it’s their shape, or maybe it’s their constant-ness. The moon invites me to be in the present moment, and the sun fuels positive energy inside of me.


I took this photo from our balcony at Hotel Levant near Pelekas on Corfu, Greece.